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 Match Fixtures/Results...

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PostSubject: Match Fixtures/Results...   Sat Feb 02, 2008 8:07 am


2nd : Quad Match Vs Rebelz in Action B Team 6pm/4v4 - Won 2-0
8th: Clan Match Vs V i C t I m 7pm/6v6 - Won 2-0
9th: Clan Match Vs True Killers 8pm/6v6 - Won 2-0
10th: Quad Match Vs C/4 KillerZ AcE Squad 6:30pm/4v4 - Won 2-1
11th: Quad Match Vs Grumpy Old Dogs 6pm/4v4 - Won 2-0
12th: Quad Match Vs ASSASSINS BRAVO 8pm/4v4 - Won 2-0
16th: Clan Match Vs ASSASSINS 8pm/6v6 - Won 2-0
18th: Quad Match Vs XG-eXplicit Gaming 6:30pm/4v4 - Won 2-0
19th: Quad Match Vs Zero Patience 7:30pm/4v4 - Lost 2-1
20th: Clan Match Vs Worlds Elite 6:30pm/6v6 - Won 2-0
21st: Clan Match Vs Sick Slick Trickery 6:30pm/6v6 - Won 2-0
23rd: Clan Match Vs Team Xtinction 7:30pm/6v6 - Won 2-0
24th: Bondy Vs j-mk7 Burnout Race 6.00pm - Won 2-0
25th: Bondy Vs imgonnagetya Burnout Race 6:00pm - Lost 2-0
27th: Bondy Vs gary2t7CWA Burnout Race 6:00pm - Won 2-0 (Tournament)
28th: Quad Match Vs ZeroPatience Won by them removing them self from ladder


1st: Quad Match Vs CBB Crossed Black Bullets 7:00pm/4v4 - Won 2-0
2nd: Clan Match Vs POL Polish Elite Team 7:00pm/6v6 -Lost 2 -1
4th: Clan Match Vs -rG- React Gaming 6:00pm/6v6 - Won 2-0
5th: Quad Match Vs Only the Best Won due to them not having enough players
6th: Clan Match Vs FoD Face of Death 6:30pm/6v6 - Won 2-0
8th: Clan Match Vs +db+ The Dark Brotherhood 6pm/6v6 - Won 2-0 Clan Match Vs K$i Killers Instincts 8:15pm/6v6 - Won 2-0
9th: Clan Match Vs TR Team Resistance 7:00pm/6v6 - Lost 2-0 Bondy Vs ukdazza Burnout Tourny Race Won 2-0
10th: Clan Match Vs [BATS] 7pm/6v6 - Won 2-0
12th: Clan Match Vs [Pain] Pain 6:30/6v6 - Won 2-1
14th: Doubles Match Bondy/Robbo Vs [~vD~] Dark_Crimanal/iVeNoM Lost 2-1
15th: Clan Match Vs [TK] True Killers 7pm/6v6 - Won 2-0
16th: The new spring ladder opens!
17th: Bondy Vs DeviatoN- Burnout tourny race 7pm Lost 2-1
22nd: Clan Match Vs [EoP] - | - EnVy oUr PeFeRcTiOn - | - 8:30pm/6v6 - Won 2-1
24th: Clan Match Vs [KaoS] Contingency MGC 7pm/6v6 - Won 2-0
25th: Clan Match Vs [WOH] Warriours of Hell 6pm/4v4 - Won 2-0
26th: Clan Match Vs [ZtS] Zero Tactics Squad 7pm/6v6 - Lost (No show)
Last Updated : 4/04/2008

**If you have a singles match on any game just let me know either by sending me a private message on here or a psn message Very Happy**


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Match Fixtures/Results...
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